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An Overview of 27th Panda Update: Panda 4.1

Submitted by Soumyadip Saha on September 29, 2014


Panda 4.1The latest version of Panda update Panda 4.1, a filter designed to penalize poor or thin content is here. Google pointed out this in a Google + post. Depending upon the location, around 3 to 5% of search queries stand the chance of being affected due to the latest algorithm update of Google. This update will allow a high quality small, as well as medium, sized websites to rank better in search engine results pages.

Signals New Chances and Penalties

Every year, Google alters its search algorithm around five hundred to six hundred times. Though most of these changes are minor in nature, several changes are made that affect the search results significantly. The Panda and Penguin updates signal major changes in search results. For the search marketers, knowledge of these dates helps to explain changes in ranking as well as organic website traffic thereby casting a huge impact on search.

Only four months have passed since we heard about the latest Panda update and yet another update is here to throw the world of webmasters berserk. This rollout means that websites that were penalized in the last update will get an opportunity to emerge. If you have made changes in your website, you will find out whether they were good enough soon.

Update of Google’s algorithm also signals danger for the websites that was not penalized before. If you are witnessing a sudden drop in traffic, you can blame the latest Panda update. Panda updates chiefly focus upon quality of content. They are supposed to eliminate redundant and irrelevant content, as well as spam from Google index. The most interesting facet of this update is that the medium, small as well as high-quality websites are benefitted of it. Google pointed out that based upon feedback from webmasters as well as users, they have been capable of discovering signals that help Panda in identification of low-quality content far more precisely. Following the bigger Panda update of 4.0, this new algorithm update appears to be a small iteration.

Unconfirmed Reports Show Marks of Massive Penalty for Private Blog Network Utilization

Google is reported to take actions on websites that are participating in PBNs or private blog networks. But this happened a few days before the news on Panda update begun rolling out. Google send out a widespread manual action notice through Google Webmaster Tools on September 18th, informing on ‘thin content’ spam. Google regards thin content as search spam and has included a page in its guidelines explaining that they may take an action on such content.

Google has never viewed irrelevant content positively and has taken steps repeatedly to remove such content. The latest Panda update also focuses upon freeing search engine results of poor and irrelevant content. So, it is now time for the webmasters to focus upon quality content anew.

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