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Everything You Need to Know about Content Silo and Buyer’s Journey

Submitted by Soumyadip Saha on August 8, 2018


Your potential buyers generally make a Google search whenever they face a problem. This activity helps them to find the answer or the solution of their query. If you want to develop a result-driven SEO marketing strategy, then you should focus on addressing the search queries of your potential customers. This is the main reason that makes content marketing an integral part of every digital marketing campaign.

Now your customers have several options from where they can find the answer to their queries. So, if you fail to answer all the questions of your customers then you will fall behind of your competitors and also lose your customers to them. So, you have to work hard to build a futuristic content marketing campaign that will address all the niche queries of your customers. It will help them accomplish the Buyer’s Journey successfully and enable you to get qualified leads.

What Is Buyer’s Journey?

Entrepreneurs who want to build the pillar of a successful business should understand Buyer’s Journey very carefully. It will also help them to ensure the longevity of their business. Many companies ignore Buyer’s Journey when planning their digital marketing plan. As a result, they fail to achieve the result that they deserve. Due to this, it is always recommended to hire dedicated SEO expert who will keep the Buyer’s Journey in mind when planning a digital marketing strategy for your business. Check out here Buyer’s Journey in details.

After several studies, modern marketers have come to conclude that buying a product or opting for service providers is a process. Marketers have referred to this entire process as Buyer’s Journey. The aspect of Buyer’s Journey is a framework that acknowledges the entire progression through research and decision-making process that ultimately leads a person to purchase.

Buyer’s Journey can also be considered as the action that your customers take in order to find the solution that they need. Marketers have also categorized it into three different types, and they are as follows:

  • Awareness: In this stage potential customers get aware of the needs or problems that they need to address.
  • Consideration: In this stage, they will get a better understanding of their problems or needs.
  • Purchase: After doing a considerable amount of research finally in this stage they will finish the journey by purchasing the product in order to address the need.

Buyer’s Journey Stages

How Content Silo Can Help Your Potential Customers with Buyer’s Journey

Content silo is an approach that professional marketers take in order to organize the content of their website. If you organize the content of your site by applying the content silo technique then you will get the opportunity to improve the performance of your site in the following ways:

  • It enhances the user experience of the site. An ideally crafted content silo guides the buyers throughout the Buyer’s Journey.
  • It also helps the search engine to understand your content structure in a better way.

So, these are all the information that you should aware of about content silo and Buyer’s Journey. Hope knowing the facts will help you to achieve your sales goals faster.

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