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Four Useful Tips You Should Remember While Guest Blogging

Submitted by Soumyadip Saha on January 7, 2019


Almost all savvy bloggers are familiar with the term, guest blog posting. Today, in the age of online business, most of the business owners rely upon guest blog posting services. This is an integral part of the link building strategy. Guest blogging is a unique process which is mainly used by bloggers with the aim of increasing blog traffic. During this procedure, the bloggers post blogs in the blogging sites of another person for dragging the web traffic.

You might know that getting links through guest blogging is pretty much easy than to get the links from several other channels. This is why most of the bloggers as well as SEO experts still favor this unique method. When it comes to the guest blog post, most of the people think about whether the guest post links are safe and viable or not. The answer is yes; they are safe and viable. It is possible to build your link portfolio by contributing on the authoritative sites. However, there are some specific rules that you should follow for avoiding any issues with search engines, like, Google.

Guest Blogging 101

One of the best advantages of guest blogging is that it can give you the scope to score some useful links from the high tier websites. Guest blogging is considered one of the best link building strategies. For guest posts, you need to choose the sites wisely. Google trusts the authoritative domains. If they find that your links are coming from reputed sources, they will hardly impose a penalty.

For great guest blog posting experience, you may follow the below-mentioned tips right now.

  • 1.      Pay Attention To Quality

This is where most of the website owners go wrong. Search engines, like, Google assesses the articles from which you get links. If your article is of high quality, your link will also be considered as a quality one. So, you should pay attention to the quality of your post. Everything you create needs to be unique. While writing for a guest post, you should think out of the box. Get a quality post in order to link to this piece.

  • 2.      Be Careful About Not Overdoing It

The most common problem about guest posts is that people are likely to overdo it. Your articles need to be coming from a different source, along with different anchors. In case, your only source of the inbound links is from the guest articles, Google will find it, and you will be into trouble. What you need to do is to diversify your link profile. You will be pleased to know that guest blogging services are affordable. Hire a leading online marketing company for the best guest blogging solutions.

  • 3.      Add Links, Images And Formatting

As I have mentioned before, each post should be unique. Make sure that everything you create is a different entity. One of the best ways to create a distinctive post is by using different formatting. You should pay attention to format. Here are the steps that you can follow- break up paragraphs, add certain things, such as, subheads, bullet points and more. You should also add images and other media.

guest blogging services 

Last but not least, you need to pay attention to add relevant links which will make the article more authoritative.


  • 4.      Use Anchor Text In A Different Manner

To improve your rank, people often attempt to spam the same anchor text over and over. This is an obsolete strategy. Instead of this, you should use the anchor text in a different manner. Try to use different phrases and place them in different sentences.

Guest blogging process is still considered as one of the best link building strategies. By using unique guest blogging strategies, you will be able to drive web traffic. So, hire a leading guest blogging company and boost your business.

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