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Guest Posting and Its Indirect SEO Benefits

Submitted by Soumyadip Saha on June 3, 2014


People following the search engine optimization world, know about the post of Matt Cutts dated January 20, 2014, named “The Decay and Fall of Guest Blogging for SEO.” Many people were shocked to read it. Then people came across the post of March 19th, named “Google Penalized MyBlogGuest.” This came as a greater shock to people as “MyBlogGuest” was not at all created with spammy intentions. However, people may have used the platform to perform spammy activities. Hence, irrespective of the intentions behind the creation of the site, Google penalized it.

The major problem associated with guest posting for SEO purpose was the perspective of people towards it. People approached guest posting in the wrong way. Most of them aimed at reaching the highest possible number of diverse domains through guest posting. Eventually, this raised problems.

Insight into the Problem:

The problem can be explained best with the help of an example. Suppose a publisher’s business owns 100 separate websites, which post content about the market space regularly. The authority level of the websites varies. Suppose 3 websites have an authority level of ‘High,’ 5 of ‘Pretty High,’ 12 sites have an authority level of ‘Respectable,’ 20 of ‘Weak,’ 25 of ‘Very Weak’ and 35 sites have authority level of ‘Genuinely Bad.’

Now, assume that the publisher posts only one guest post per website, and they post six posts per month. Suppose they are fortunate and are able to reach for the high authority sites straight away. Over time, the standard of the websites in which their new posts go declines gradually. By month four, they reach the ‘Weak’ category, and by month 11, their articles are getting posted on the ‘Genuinely Bad’ sites.

The only way out of this problem is to begin posting articles on websites which do not post content related to their market space regularly. However, here you would encounter a different problem, i.e., the lack of relevance. Either way, you come across a problem.

What Do Press Releases Offer?

Creating press releases for SEO purpose is something which is done by people from a long time. The practice of issuing press releases has lost its effect to a large extent. However, press releases when used in the right way can fetch good results. That way is, getting exposure to the media people. Press releases are a great tool to make bloggers and the media know about your business, and they can really enhance your visibility. A smart strategy of guest posting can produce a similar impact. Although the impact may be a bit indirect, the concept behind both is the same.

Need For Concentrating On High-Authority Columns:

In the example given above, there are 3 high authority websites and 3 pretty high authority websites. These are the places to go. These are the places to go. These websites have a broader audience than the others, and they can transfer a greater level of authority to you. A quality article published in one of these sites is likely to get thousands of social shares and a huge exposure to audiences of other people and other industry influencers. This is what you want to achieve from a guest posting strategy.

Accessing these high authority websites is certainly not easy. You need to work hard to reach that level. You can find valuable information and advice on the internet on how to reach such sites. The key to the success of any guest posting strategy is to understand that your visibility and reputation can be boosted best by the sites that have the best visibility and reputation.


If someone asks that, should guest posting be done for SEO, the answer will be NO. However, even if all links from a guest post are disabled by Google, the indirect impact of a guest post still remains quite powerful. Nothing is more effective than building such a visibility and reputation, that people love your content and want you to post more and more. You are able to create your own audience and eventually, some of your audiences will reach your website, find quality content in your site and the link to it.

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