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On-Page SEO – The Route Map to Avail Genuine Strategies

Submitted by Soumyadip Saha on September 5, 2018


I am sure that you have been through numerous on-page SEO guides full of tips and tricks. Of course, some tips were useful while some of them seem very challenging to comprehend as well as to integrate the same in the existing strategy.

But not to worry as this post offers some useful and edge-cutting On-page SEO tips for the people those who want to master the technique. Let’s get started with the tips and see how beneficial they could be from a business’s point of view.

On Page SEO

  • Always Start with Keyword

Consider this as a general thumb rule – the title of the content must have the keyword intended for the pos. Now, this is helpful in two ways. The first and the most important ways is that it helps search engines to recognize the where about and details of the page. And secondly, this is useful for the readers as it let them know that this is something they were searching for in the web world.

  • The Title Must in <H1> Tag

One of the ‘most’ imperative moves of having a distinct on-page strategy is including the heading tag – professionals call it as <H1> tag. But why – because it is useful for emphasizing a certain extent of text on the webpage that in return help search engines to comprehend the details of the content. <H1> tag, in general, speaks about the content type and what it speaks about.

<H1> Tag

  • Add Modifiers in the Title of the Post

Readers or potential yet novice SEO executives looking forward to pull off on-page SEO should always be considerate about the importance of adding modifiers. In simple terms, modifiers are an element that makes the keyword even more explicit.

For instance, in case your post intends to help readers in finding the best paralegal institution in the city, using phrases like “cheap” and “best” would be the best modifiers to use. It would be best to add the modifiers in the title to let the target readers know that the post contains relevant information.

  • Adding Common Notices would be Good

Although not a necessary ranking factor but when it comes to website owners, it is worth having the same. Most of the people work with an idea of adding a copyright notice of photographs or the kind of work they publish online. But is it effective for websites also? Well, it is good to add notices to the website as it makes it clear to the third parties that no one can reproduce the work without the permission of the owners.

  • Ensure Adding Keywords in the First 100 Words

Most copywriters have the habit of writing lengthy and exaggerated introductions and adding keyword later in the post. While this is effective for improving the appeal of the content, there is no reason why one cannot add a keyword in the introductory phase. It is better to integrate the keyword in the first 100 words of the content to make it scalable.

  • Subheads to be in <H2> Tags

It remains no doubt that a number of header tags are there that one can place in a post. <H2> tags are another important element after <H1> tag. The former ones are useful for the subheads, and they support the <H1>. It also helps in ensuring the fact that the keywords are wrapped in the head tags, and thus the post remains well structured and get user-friendly. Search engines also find it easy to comprehend.

<H2> tags

  • Opt for Link Building

The complete contradictory parts of internal links are outbound links. It is worthless to mention that outbound links are the hyperlinks that drive or redirect a visitor to some other website. Addition of outbound links is crucial for on-page SEO strategy because it helps the search engines to get familiar with the kind of niche that in return helps to get top-notch rankings on the search results.

  • Internal Links are Equally Important

Internal links are the ones that are available in the form of a clickable hyperlink in the post that takes to a different section of the post or some other site. It may be an image, a paragraph or an entire post. As per the latest trends, every website must have at least two internal links relevant to the content. When you hire an SEO expert, make sure that the professional knows to make the best use of the same.

  • Responsive Web Design is a Must

Earlier, users used to browse the website through desktops only but now the time has changed, and everything has turned mobile. Today, anyone can have access to the online world through smartphones or tablets and having a responsive design for the site would be of great help in this context. Search engines have also made responsive web design as a crucial ranking factor, and they would give ranking to the site unless they are responsive in nature.

  • It’s Better to Write Lengthy Posts

According to a study report on the ranking factor of the site given by SEMRush, the overall length of the content comes among the top 9 most imperative ranking factors. So, focus on writing a long post, and this is something that might turn the table for the business and help to fetch higher rankings.

  • Optimizing the Speed of the Site is Indispensible

Considering the loading speed of the page is extremely important. A user will not stay more than 3 seconds on a page and will immediately shift to another in search of information. Playing with the loading speed of the site is not at all a best way to test the patience of the visitors.

So, keep in mind the size of the image, resources of the web host, browser caching as well as other optimization strategies. If you hire an SEO expert, it would be of great help and will make a difference in the overall ranking factor.

  • Maximize the Time of the Audience on the Site

You would certainly don’t want the online traffic to click the back button soon. Ensure posting content that are long in length and interactive. This will help the target audience to stay for a prolonged period and might induce them to go through additional posts.

So, there you have certain tips that every professional should follow or keep in mind while working for the on-page SEO of a website. In case of any query or suggestion, please feel free to make the best use of the blank white space in the comment box below.

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