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Penguin is All Set to Opt for Constant Updates

Submitted by Soumyadip Saha on December 15, 2014


A Google spokesperson has pointed out that they will be updating Penguin algorithm continually. Thus, the last big update is still rolling out. However, there will be no distinct end point to this activity since Penguin is now shifting towards continual updates. The idea here is to go on optimizing. This explains the changes that we have been seeing recently.

Google Processing Updates Continually

Well, Google seems to have decided that they have reached the point from where they can roll out the updates continually. This reveals that alterations will be made continually and pushed into the rolling update as soon as they are tested.

“That last big update is still rolling out — though really there won’t be a particularly distinct end-point to the activity, since Penguin is shifting to more continuous updates. The idea is to keep optimizing as we go now.” Google Spokesperson sent this statement to Search Engine Land responding to queries on holiday Penguin updates.

Live Changes to Penguin Algorithm Implemented

The Penguin updates have a history of being processed offline and pushed at a specific point of time. Google processes Penguin data offline and then pushes it live, thereby producing a change in the search engine results. With the announcement of constant update, Google seems to declare that they will change the algorithm within live ranking process.

According to Search Engine Land, “Live changes to the Penguin algorithm seems to imply no more large data pushes for Penguin.”

Live Updates is A Bold Move

The live updates are an extremely bold move by Google but there are still queries as to whether its implementation is really offering the results they hoped to avail since there are several niches still filled with the hacked and spam websites.

Is Continual Penguin Update Good?

This is a million dollar question. It is not easy to answer this as there are several unanswered questions. One of the biggest questions that need to be answered here is what is the cycle time of this update? Is it possible to recover within just a week if immediate actions are taken to clean up? Various aspects are still unknown, and it is unlikely for Google to come with the answers without being asked directly.

Though many webmasters wish Google to update the algorithm faster, we are still worried about its inclination to roll out updates during the holiday season.

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